Inetum strengthens partnership with EDP with the signing of a new collaboration agreement

Inetum, market leader in the implementation of SAP solutions, fulfilled the goal of signing a new iteration of the agreement with EDP for a further 4 years (optionally 5), by winning the international tender launched in mid-2020 for all the areas in which it is currently operating.

The collaboration, which began in 2014 after the successful completion of the first projects, is confirmed in all leagues where Inetum has been designated as EDP's "Lead Service Provider": Asset Management, Global Solutions, Renewables and Corporate Apps.

EDP has, for several consecutive years now, established itself as Inetum’s biggest customer, and it has relied on the aid of a company specialised in SAP solutions in various support processes to its national and international expansion. An example of this is the conclusion of the SIM programme (Sistema Integrado Multigeografia) with over 400 companies from 12 geographies of EDP Renováveis starting production in this system, which consolidates the financial, logistical and human resources operations of the Group. Another outstanding example is the JUMP project, where Inetum supported E-Redes (former EDP Distribuição) in the modernisation of the processes and systems associated with asset management, and which involved the processing of high volumes of information, with 2018 and 2020 seeing the most production starts. Finally, we highlight the work carried out on the Cloud-based suite, SAP Success Factors, culminating in the European go-live of the Employee Central module in March 2020, with these solutions becoming available for 15 EDP geographies.

The new agreement includes maintaining over 100 consultants dedicated to specialised services and the processes of maintenance and development of apps and products, while several projects and parallel initiatives involve over 70 additional resources. The innovation is the evolution of the work method of the Agile models already in use for an Output Driven perspective, focused on speed, delivery quality and shared responsibility, using a DevOps culture.

“Inetum is extremely proud to be able to count with EDP as a privileged client, one of the largest Portuguese companies and one with a worldwide prominence that serves as a role model for all. It is with total commitment to a full partnership that we face this new challenge."

Francisco Febrero, Corporate VP & CEO SAP BL Head of Portugal at Inetum