Inetum plans to hire 200 consultants in 2021 for its SAP Business Line

In 2020, Inetum's SAP business area hired 36 new employees and integrated 49 trainees. With over 2000 SAP consultants in the Inetum Group universe (ROFF, GFI Portugal, I2S and IECISA), the company plans to hire new Portuguese talent in 2021.

Inetum, the leading company in the Portuguese market in the implementation of SAP solutions, begins 2021 with a new recruitment process in Portugal. The tech company intends to hire about 200 new employees to be part of training academies and for the areas of SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM, SAP Financial, SAP Logistics, SAP Basis and OutSystems.

Skills such as sense of responsibility, dynamism, willingness to travel, high capacity for interpersonal relationships, teamwork and a curious and adventurous spirit are some of the most valued characteristics in those who wish to join the Inetum group. 

"In order to grow sustainably, we intend to strengthen our teams in the SAP consulting area, considering the needs of our business, and always ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. Our goal is to recruit around 200 employees in Portugal, from different professional backgrounds, as a way to ensure that we have the best professionals in our midst, and to keep our clients fully satisfied".

Francisco Febrero, Corporate VP & CEO SAP BL Head of Portugal at Inetum

With the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Inetum had to adapt and change its recruitment process. As such, face-to-face interviews were replaced by interviews conducted through online platforms. The onboarding process was also updated to include specific actions aimed at controlling the pandemic within the company and in the families of new employees. A new strategy to address the need to strengthen teams, responding to the continuous sustainable growth of the business.

Inetum offers its future employees the chance to be part of a solid and expanding company, in addition to a creative and dynamic work environment. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, Inetum has promoted the well-being of its employees by offering beneficial work conditions that favour their mutual help and motivation.

Commitment to SAP training

As an entity certified by DGERT and a SAP Education Partner, Inetum’s SAP business area provides SAP training for employees and other professionals outside the organisation. The training duration depends on the area, but there are training courses starting at 24 hours.

"There is a growing interest and demand for training in SAP areas, either from individuals seeking a new professional challenge, or companies seeking to develop skills in those areas. At Inetum, we can provide both individual and professional training in various SAP areas, thus aiding individuals and companies in growing their business", added Francisco Febrero, Corporate VP & CEO SAP BL Head of Portugal at Inetum.

In addition to these training courses, the Inetum Academy has a programme consisting of a set of training courses for young graduates, which range from building a true team spirit and consulting training to the acquisition of specific technical knowledge within the SAP area. "This year, we also want to continue with our Inetum Academies. These are hiring programmes dedicated to recent graduates, through which we aim to welcome about 100 new employees to the company" concludes Francisco Febrero.